Herbalife Activated Fibre Tablets

Herbalife Activated Fibre TabletsWhen you want extra support on your weight-loss program or need help maintaining that hard-won ideal weight, turn to Activated Fiber.

This Herbalife product's high-quality dietary fiber will help create a sense of fullness and lower your overall fat absorption so you donot feel hungry or crave unnecessary foods.

New Herbalife Activated Fibre 90 Tablets

Most modern diets lack the enough amount of fiber, which plays a key role in weight management and intestinal health. Herbalife Activated Fiber Tablets is a unique blend of high-quality fiber giving extra fiber your body needs. It is a supplement for good health and weight management when you are engaging in a calorie-controlled diet and moderate exercise. The tablets absorb less fat and promote healthy digestion with L-carnitine-an amino acid involved in fat metabolism, sodium choleate, citrus and oat.

Activated Fiber Herbalife Products

A high-fiber diet helps curb appetite and supports weight loss by maintaining healthy insulin levels as well as increasing the intake of fiber for a healthy elimination. When you call for additional support on your weight loss program or need help maintaining that hard-won ideal weight, turn to Herbalife Activated Fiber Tablets. It is a convenient way to increase your intake of healthy fiber daily. This high-quality dietary fiber will help create a feeling of fullness and reduce the temptation to overeat. As it lowers the overall fat absorption, you do not feel hungry or crave unnecessary foods.

Herbalife Activated Fiber Key Benefits
  • A blend of dietary fibers, including citrus and oat, supports healthy elimination when on a calorie controlled diet while engaging in moderate exercise.
  • Helps you feel fuller and more satisfied, reducing the temptation to overeat.
  • dequate dietary fiber is essential for good health.
  • Includes citrus and oat to increase your fiber intake.
How to Use Activated Fiber Herbalife:
  • Take one to two tablets three times a day with a full glass of liquid, preferably 1/2-hour before shakes or meals.
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