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Rebuild H24 Herbalife Nutrition Products India

H24 Rebuild StrengthHerbalife Nutrition Products India H24 Rebuild Strength chocolate (500gm) Recovery shake mix that delivers a tri-core protein-amino blend of free amino acids.

  • Whey and casein proteins help rebuild fatigued muscle.
  • A blend of amino acids, carbohydrate and protein help support lean muscle mass.
  • Carbohydrate helps enhance muscle-recovery by supporting the delivery of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCCAs) for muscle synthesis.
  • L-glutamine help support muscle recovery.
  • No artificial flavor, colour.
  • Provides vitamins and minerals.
  • Available in convenient on the go format.
  • Tested for Banned substances.
Rebuild 24 Herbalife Benefits

H24 Rebuild Strength

H24 Rebuild Usage

Instruction for use: Mix content of one sachet (50 g) with 240 ml of water and shake vigorously. Consume one shake per day within 30 minutes following physical activity, use 1 serving per day.

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